Talk Session: Editing Wikipedia, Inspired by Adrianne Wadewitz

As many of you have heard, May has been designated as a month for groups around the world to come together to edit Wikipedia in honor of Dr. Adrianne Wadewitz, who was a Mellon Digital Scholarship Fellow.

For this session, I propose that we discuss good practices and strategies for editing Wikipedia, as well as approaches for editing Wikipedia in a classroom setting. Or (and?) the session could be used to edit Wikipedia entries.

This session is for experienced Wikipedians and for people who want to learn more.

Read about the Wadewitz Tribute Edit-a-thon and find resources.

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About elizabethcornell

Elizabeth Cornell is the IT Communications Specialist at Fordham University in New York City. Prior to that, she was a Post-Doctoral Teaching Fellow in English at Fordham. She is also a collaborative editor of Digital Yoknaptawpha (University of Virginia).