Teach: Wikis as Self-Archiving Course Site

I would be interested in joining a panel of workshop leaders in a hands-on foray into course site design. My own preferred platform is Wikidot, which allows easy revision tracking, custom menu building, file uploads, and a landing page with the full course schedule.

Participants would begin by sharing past sites, then use the remaining time to develop new sites for the summer or fall with each other on-hand as guides-on-the-side.

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About benmiller314

I'm ABD towards a PhD in English at the CUNY Grad Center, where my dissertation research involves visualizing metadata from 3,000+ recent PhD theses in Composition/Rhetoric/Writing Studies, with the goal of discovering the extent to which the discipline coheres around shared methodology, terminology, or objects of study. I've worked with faculty in biology and theatre as a consultant in Writing Across the Curriculum, and taught writing at Hunter College and Columbia University. In addition to the dissertation, I'm currently developing the Writing Studies Tree (writingstudiestree.org), a Drupal-7-based crowdsourced database for recording and visualizing mentorship relationships (academic genealogy) in Writing Studies, and I'm one of two lead editors on the upcoming issue of The Journal of Interactive Technology and Pedagogy (jitpedagogy.org). At THATcamp, I'm especially interested in learning from you all about data visualization, data sharing via APIs, and shared editorial workflow management. I'm happy to help you with Wikidot, Zotero, and all manner of writing pedagogy (since writing, too, is a technology...).