Make Session: What is Digital Writing?

What defines digital writing? We are all too comfortable attaching ‘digital’ to ‘writing,’ ‘rhetoric,’ and ‘literacy,’ but what exactly do we want it to describe? In what fundamental ways have writing practices and products changed in the wake of the personal computer and networked computing? I propose we write and curate content for a website that offers a focused but multifaceted, readable but academically-grounded answer to this question that might serve as a starting point for discussion in courses as well as for other interested readers’ thinking about this question. I will facilitate discussion to establish our goals for the site, provide a forum for collaborative writing, and prep a site template (HTML/CSS, WordPress, or Tumblr depending on the choice of the group).

Come ready to write and curate:

  • A declaration of unique principles of digital writing
  • A select bibliography of readings / one key quotation from each
  • A select collection of thoughtful digital writing resources online
  • Other ideas?
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About Melanie Kill

I study and teach digital culture, writing, and rhetoric as an Asst Prof of English at the U of Maryland.