Talk Session: Teaching Digital Writing under Austerity

I propose a discussion about teaching digital writing when students have limited access to technology. At my open admissions community college, many students don’t own computers; they use the internet, read, and take notes primarily on their phones. My classrooms lack reliable internet access. What kinds of digital writing assignments will scale for students and spaces with limited access? Are some students and institutions too poor and/or underprepared for digital writing? Should digital writing be separated into its own lab course with technology-access prerequisites? Is digital writing compatible with an open admissions policy? I am interested in larger issues of social justice and access, but I am also interested in practical solutions to get my students writing online.

I see some others here interested in teaching issues and would be happy to see this topic included in a larger session on teaching; it needn’t be a standalone session.

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  2. Elisa Meyer says:

    Sign me up. I teach at two community colleges in Southern California, one of which serves students in South Central. I want to make sure my students are proficient in this type of writing without making them feel financially burdened or socially deficient because they don’t have an iPhone, iPad, etc.

  3. This is a great topic. I come from the world of Free Software but too often it is the world of White and Asian males (us, priviledged? Are you serious?). Other access devices such as tablets and phones remove or denigrate the keyboard making users more passive consumers rather than participants. In my opinion, we need more programs like which put usable computers in the hands of the poor in the US.

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