Maker Challenge

In addition to talking and playing and workshop-ing at THATCamp Digital Writing, everyone is encouraged to actually Make something. In this spirit, we are holding a Maker Challenge!

This competition follows in the spirit and form of the one at THATCamp CHNM last year. More details are available on the Challenge’s page, but it boils down to this:

If you have an idea of a project you’d like to prototype or brainstorm or hash out this weekend, bring it! If a project idea comes out of a workshop or session, go ahead and put something together to progress that idea. These proposals or prototypes can be submitted individually or in groups.

Submissions must be created at the THATCamp.

All submissions will be briefly presented during the last session on Saturday, so there will also be an opportunity for live feedback from the group.

Let this weekend inspire you to create a project or a tool or develop an idea. And you might just win a prize!

Again, for further details, see the Maker Challenge page, and if there are questions, please ask Kristen Mapes (kmapes[at]fordham[dot]edu).

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