Manuel Betancourt


I'm a graduate student; currently working on my dissertation entitled "Being in the Picture: The Movie Fan and Queer Literature" (you can check out a mini-teaser I made for it at my website). While I don't believe Google is indeed making us stupid, I do think Carr has interesting thing to teach us (and the freshmen I teach) about new technologies and the sheer breadth of the knowledge at our fingertips. I'm a devoted movie fan and have a point of making my dissertation speak to that very interest, arguing that we need not dismiss "fans" but investigate why that affective relationship to culture is usually so dismissed by some and mobilized by others. In particular, in my work on Williams and Kennedy I'm drawn to the way the stage and the screen are constantly pit against one another in discussions that seek to elevate one (usually over the other), even while both dramatists choose instead to stage the silver screen instead.

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